I have 4 gb ram but just shows 3,7 GiB of RAM?

why Ii have 4 gb ram while manjaro just shows 3,7 GiB of RAM?

I think that you have a integrated graphics card.

Please post information about your system.

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Besides system-reserved memory I’ll also get out ahead and mention the ‘GiB’.
Please recognize there are differences in Gigabyte, Gibibyte, etc.


Part of the address space between 3 GiB and the 4 GiB boundary is reserved for legacy hardware, such as PCI devices. Those are 32-bit devices and they cannot access any memory above the 4 GiB barrier.

Therefore, an address range is reserved for them right underneath the 4 GiB barrier, extending downward, depending on how many legacy PCI devices you still have.


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