I Had to downgrade Opera after latest update

I had to downgrade Opera, the browser after the latest update. This was easy to do. I installed the downgrade script from the package manager and typed “downgrade Opera”. It gave me versions to select from. I wanted to downgrade to the version right before the update:
70.0.3728.154. The latest update installed Opera v. 71.x.x. which caused problems.

The problem was that the back tab arrow was not showing the recent history of my activity. That is fixed now.

This should be reported upstream. One possibility is this being related with a configuration option which was reset.

I went to the Opera forum. People were reporting the same issue.

Ok, that’s not a Manjaro issue then. Use the downgrade version for now, and keep an eye in releases. I suggest you keep the package you’re using in /var/cache/pacman/pkg so you can downgrade it quicker in the future (in case you need it).

Agreed. I have had problems with Opera recently in another distro. Mint xfce 20.04. Bad ffmpeg codecs. I may need to change my browser.