I can't log in after logging out

I’m sure the password is right.It says login incorrect and thats it. I couldn’t find anyone with the same problem on the internet. I’m a noob btw

Check CapsLock, NumLock keyboard statuses, keyboard layout you using to type (you can use user name input field after switch to a different user on login screen).

Yep i have been trying for a few hours now i have checked everything

Did you know, that 3 consecutive unsuccessful login attempts leads to block the login procedure for 10 minutes?

Switch to virtual terminal (Alt + Ctrl + F2) enter your login and check that current timeout: all attempts ahead of that timeout delay even with right credentials will be failed. So try to wait for that remaining delay and try to enter again carefully.

To switch to GUI again on KDE it should be the Alt + Ctrl + F1 combination (or you can try different Fx keys).

Doesn’t matter i literraly cant type the password wrong

Providing the output of this action would help determine a possible solution.

It’s a wild guess but do you have a fingerprint reader?
This thread might be useful to you
Another wild guess is a keyboard/locale issue.

More info is needed to help you further

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May be your current keyboard start to behave abnormally: some symbols was not typed or typed twice. If you have another keyboard, it is one of ideas to try using it also.

Try to login as root user also (you defined root's password while installing Manjaro). After that you probably will be able to reset a user password.