I can't launch any Feral games since the Feb 27th Manjaro update

I was launching Feral games just fine (F1 2017 and Tomb Raider) minutes before the update.

However since the update, I haven’t been able to even get the initial launch screen on these games.

Is this happening with anyone else and is ther ea solution?

Have you rebooted since the update?

Yes, I’ve tried that.

I can only advise you to look for error messages: [HowTo] Find error logs

So wouldn’t I have to launch a game from the terminal? How do I do that in steam? Let’s say f1 2017…how do I go about doing that exactly?

I last played Tomb Raider (2013), Rise of… and Shadow of… in the last year with no issues using the Steam Runtime. Using Native did not work for some reason.

Run steam from the terminal then launch the game. :wink: