I can't get Japanese fonts to work

I have been trying to get Japanese fonts to work, in order to help with my foreign language study. I will be primarily using English on this computer but I want the ability to switch to Japanese input. In the past I have been able to accomplish this on Linux installations but this time it doesn’t seem to be working.

I have installed fcitx-5 (I think it installed fcitx5-qt, and later I installed fcitx5-gtk). At first I had mozc installed but just now I’ve tried fcitx5-mozc instead.

Configuring Fcitx-5 I added a couple Japanese layouts. Sometimes I could not select any layouts, but when I can the layout only changes a bit. For example, the apostrophe key becomes a colon instead, and the tilde is no longer available, but the letters come out like normal. Like this other guy in this thread says, I want to type “hi” and get ひ.

Take a look here: Localization/Japanese - ArchWiki

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I have not been installing any fonts. Should I just go about installing a few font packages? The thing is, I can copy and paste Japanese fonts from an online dictionary into a spreadsheet no problem. Doesn’t this indicate that the fonts exist on my machine already?

Alright, good news: I got it working by adding ‘mozc’ as an input method in Fcitx5. :grinning:

Linux is like a magic.


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