I can't delete any files

5 days ago I installed manjaro 21.1.4, today I sat down to work and when I try to delete any file from partitions other than the system one, the option does not appear (it is as if the writing options were blocked … but no, I checked and they are activated)

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  3. The output to:

    ls -al ~/Documents
    ls -al /path/to/NonDeletableFile

    would be helpful as well.


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What writing option do you mean?

  1. rw in fstab?
  2. Write permission of the filesystem?

In addition to @megavolt’s hints, check if the filesystem was remounted as readonly (filesystem errors)…

Most likely the partition(s) in question is NTFS (Windows Fast Startup/hibernation/sleep enbled). To get write access - reboot into Windows and disable Fast Startup and Hybrid sleep and do a clean shutdown.

In case of Linux filesystem (newly formatted) the permissions is root only and you need to adjust for your usecase.

On newly formatted Linux filesystems you set the permissions on the mountpoint or you transfer ownership to your user.

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