I can't change lock screen wallpaper and sleep screen wallpaper

Thinkpad e14 gen 2 - manjaro kde - kernel 5.13
I cant change both of them in any way I tried different themes but it always stays on the default one. And both of them has different wallpapers. Its so annoying. I waited for the new kernel but its 5.13 and still same issue, it was on 5.12 too.
How can I fix it?

What happens if you:

If that wouldn’t work, does the above work if you create a new user and log in there? (E.G. wizarddragon2)


Settings are already like this. And btw lock screen is now like how I want it to be. But when it goes to sleep it shows a stock wallpaper on sleep screen that I have never used.

Just to make sure, did you set the lockscreen in:

System Settings - Workspace - Workspace Behavior - Screen Locking - Appearance:Configure

Then, there’s also the SDDM screen:

System Settings - Workspace - Startup and Shutdown - Login Screen (SDDM) - there will be three buttons at the lower right corner of your chosen theme, select Choose Background (the middle button)


Thank you. I didn’t set lockscreen that way. Now its working correctly.

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