I cannot set dark theme on menu in dolphin Manjaro KDE plasma with Awesome WM

As you see below my dolphin file manager is not accepting dark theme with awesome wm. When I used KDE desktop environment everything works fine. I try to tweak setting on some files related to dolphin but not use. Only the background color the file manager changes and not the window bar or other menu sections.

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Dolphin is a Qt-based application, and therefore its theme and colors must be set using a configuration utility based upon Qt. In non-Plasma desktop environments, you should use qt5ct, with or without kvantum-qt5 ─ the latter is a theme engine.


I searched on forums, posted reddit and even edited some configuration files. But no use at all. Can I post an image of my problem here. Otherwise it will be hard to explain, when I say dark theme not applying it doesn’t means it is not applied at all. It only get applied to place/area where folders and files are shown inside a file manager and other areas like connected drives, main main menu on the top or sidebars all are in white color still. When using KDE desktop environment this was not a problem ( dark theme applied uniformly)…

Thanks a lot for your reply.

I came to know about this solution on internet and from reddit, but never get an exact documentation explaining how to do it. I am using Awesome wm, do I need to run some kind of background process to do this using qt. If you know any material related to this please share.

If you do not have the two packages installed, issue this command in a terminal window… :arrow_down:

sudo pacman -Syu qt5ct kvantum-qt5

Then, you should be able to start those applications from an application launcher menu ─ sorry, I have no experience with Awesome ─ or from a terminal.

Note: kvantum-qt5 is a theme manager that uses special themes made with scalable vector graphics. In order to use it, you must set the Qt theme in qt5ct to “kvantum” and then load a suitable theme into kvantum-qt5 by pointing it at the directory (“folder”) where you have unpacked the theme.

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