I cannot find the button to create a new post in this forum

apparently I am a bit, or very “special”.

I really honestly to god cannot figure out how to ask a question here in these forums, I apologize for asking here like this but I literally cannot figure this out.

I have been playing with linux for a few weeks now and finally encountered an issue worth asking about, but after signing up for the forum here and perusing for a bit I cant seem to find the “post” button.

Any help would be appreciated, sorry for the actual most noob question.

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It’s the big :heavy_plus_sign: in the bottom right corner.

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  1. you need to enter a sub-category.
  2. almost every category is opened to start new threads in it, but not all.

The “new post” button looks different for different themes. It’s visible after you select a category you’re allowed to post in.


There is a big green (or red) + button in the lower right of the page:

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Ideas to try out:

a) permission denied

Try to read all PM and linked threads there. May be you lack some permissions cause did not learn first steps yet.

b) to change forum GUI theme

Preferences → Interface → Theme

The current forum edition has 4 themes.

3 of them has “start new thread” button with floating position over other elements - on a different layer of HTML markup. In rare cases that could be a problem of button disposition: the button could be located outside of visible and scrollable viewport of browser window (bug of browser engine or frontend website developers):

they are:

1 of them has solid in-main (alongside with payload page content) layer position (currently the Dark theme), which “add new thread” button disposition a way less possible.

it is:

c) turn off all plugins

May be some forum plugins behaves badly. Try to temporarily to turn all them off (https://meta.discourse.org/t/how-to-use-discourse-safe-mode/53504) by visiting the Manjaro Linux Forum link.

snapshot of expected page view

d) call JavaScript for help: let it to find 'start new thread' button and to click on it for you

Substitute the URL address field value with the


and hit Enter.
New topic window expected to be appeared.

At least works on the forum engine version (just as technical note)
// 'Discourse 2.8.0.beta7 - https://github.com/discourse/discourse version cbd7898d1d70198f9fda0eac27a68affde5c8bb4'

After you tried, please welcome into Did you experience problems to start a new thread (topic) on the forum?