Did you experience problems to start a new thread (topic) on the forum?

Inspired by I cannot find the button to create a new post in this forum.
Several possible solutions are also suggested there.

If you encountered problems to start a new thread, please post your target (payload) question/problem/bug/issue here in this thread. A moderator will re-categorize your post into separate thread, so you will have you separate topic.

Also please help us to improve the forum: after you realized what was the cause of preventing you to start a new thread, please vote what it was caused by and please post details about it.

The issue was caused by:
  • I did not tried Ctrl+F5 keyboard shortcut to prevent cache page load issues
  • web-browser plugins I use
  • web-browser I use
  • lack of permissions: I did not read all the beginner steps and instructions first (I got linked in PM)
  • I did not enter sub-category (please note, that some categories are closed to create a new thread in them)
  • theme I used before
  • forum plugins intervention (usage of /safe-mode URL path fixes the issue I have)
  • none of above: JavaScript bookmarklet (posted in the linked thread above) opened new thread window for me
  • non of any above

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off-topic: technical details of the thread

It was just an attempt to organize: to make new users be less confused: to find that special thread and to do not post somewhere off-topic where they could be less visible to moderate, so less chances to get separate topic.
Moreover it points to possible solutions to try, which increases chances to resolve the problem by users themselves.
Moreover we will be able to see count and details of such problem feedback (how many new users did not find the button?) in order to try to prevent that possible forum lack in the future.

If have much :thinking:, then feel free to remove it: it is just a suggestion, may be good, may be not.

Development :chart_with_upwards_trend:, new possible good (and bad) :alembic: :volcano: ideas are also result of :thinking: .
If only to :beach_umbrella: always, then it is a :factory: with no great leaps :ski: ahead. And day by day, week by week, month by month, year by year are almost the same as was, it is not high :chart_with_upwards_trend: and improvements.