I can’t open my terminal

Failed to execute default Terminal Emulator.
Input/output error.

I also noticed that add/remove software cannot be started.

You can always hit CTRL+ALT+F2 to try to diagnose and fix things in TTY.
Or chroot from within a live session.

Without more relevant information nobody can help further.

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Or as in my case, ctrl+alt+F3 because for some reason, a few months back my tty moved from 1 to 2 (1 is my boot chatter that never disappears) and was confirmed was a bug and would move back, but it never has.

Just so OP does not get confused if nothing happens with F2


Hello @John728,

I also had this error once before. Could it be that your disk is full?

What says this command:

df /

According to Thunar, I still have 61.4 gb of free space

The same issue have mensioned in ubuntuforums. Change the default terminal emulator in Settings Manager → Preferred Applications

I have only one choice

As @bedna suggested:

to get to a TTY (text ony terminal)

  • refresh your mirrors
  • run a system update using pacman
    ( I think the command is:
    pacman -Syyu)

See whether this changes the situation.

should bring you back - or reboot

Next you can install one or two other terminal emulators, for example:
pacman -S rxvt-unicode
pacman -S xterm
pacman -S lxterminal

Then you do have more than one choice …

How big is your disk?
inxi -Fazy
should contain all relevant information - but it could be difficult for you to post the output from a TTY

… if your disk is (for example) 1TB
it could well be that it is already full.

… with 61 GB free for the root user - but not for you as a normal user
ext4 will reserve 5% for root, but that is not accessible for a normal user …

5% is a real waste for large disks - but it still is the default
This can easily be changed/lowered to 1% for instance - which is still way too much …

238.17 GiB

So your disk is 3/4 full - and thus this is not the cause of the issue.
like one of my teachers often said:
put it on ice and keep it warm …
(it still means that ~ 12 GB are reserved for root only and not accessible to you …)

and focus on the first part of the above post instead

I also noticed that the viewnior app won’t open

That additional info isn’t actually adding anything new.

Go and address the issue. Please. :wink:

  • refresh mirrors
  • run a system update

Give feedback along the way if need be.