I can’t login after reboot

Oh My God!!! All of my documents has gone. I can’t login after reboot. somebody helps me! T.T
I have two computers that have been installed manjaro. After this update, both of them can’t open, and their docments has gone. Even worse, when I login, there is no manjaro boot in bois panel, something happend wrong. T.T

How do you know your documents are gone if you can’t login? :thinking:

Please see:

I use tty2 to check, but sorry I can’t copy.

I may found the reason that I can’t login. the mirror in here has not update. For now, What should I do?

You are going to have to start here probably (chroot?)

From there you can start fixing things.
Among the first on the list should be inspecting your used/available space.
It seems you dont have any remaining disk space - so you should try to clean that up.