I can’t install any AUR packages from Pamac

I don’t know why, but I have this problem. I wanna install zoom, but I can’t. Actually, I can’t install any AUR packages from Pamac. And Microsoft Teams didn’t work more too.
In stable it works normally.

➜  ~ sudo pamac install zoom
[sudo] senha para guilherme: 
Aviso: zoom só está disponível no AUR
Verificando 1zoom dependências...
Resolvendo dependências...
Verificando conflito entre pacotes...

Para criar (1):
  zoom  5.9.3-1    AUR

Editar arquivos de compilação : [e] 
Aplicar transação ? [e/s/N] s

** (pamac:1233): CRITICAL **: 00:28:24.412: pamac_transaction_clone_build_files_if_needed: assertion 'pkgname != NULL' failed

I like Unstable, because I like to update to the lastest versions like Arch Linux. But I think I gonna switch back to Stable.

This is a known bug. You can use yay to install packages from AUR for the time being:

sudo pacman -S yay
yay -S zoom
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Also … do not use sudo with pamac.
In general it should be understood to Not use sudo unless required.
pamac will prompt you.

In any case … yes, unstable is not for those who do not wish to deal with bugs from time to time.
And, honestly, the AUR is not really for those who cannot inspect a PKGBUILD and use makepkg either.

Not to gatekeep - do what you like. We also have these tools to make things easier - just understand that they are conveniences and that I highly suggest informed responsibility as a starting point.



The command for AUR packages with pamac is
pamac build

pamac install is for packages from the official repos.

Also, don’t use sudo with pamac. It automatically elevates its priveleges when needed.


pamac install also work for AUR packages. The problem is the current pamac has bugs to access AUR packages.
Pamac doesn’t build packages from AUR - Support / Software & Applications - Manjaro Linux Forum
Before the problem is resolved, we can probably use yay instead.

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I have switched to Stable. Now it’s working.
But thanks by advice about sudo pamac and yay!
@ishaanbhimwal @anon59284200 @cscs @dobedobedo

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