I am a new user and I don't know to open On Screen Keyboard

I am using Manjaro Xfce and I don’t know to open On Screen Keyboard. Can anyone help me?

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By default Xfce does not have a on-screen keyboard, but you can install onboard from Pamac Add/Remove Programs.

If you need it to run at the Login Screen then first you have to enable Assistive Technologies in Settings.
The you go to LightDM GTK+ Greeter Settings and in the Misc tabl you enable Keyboard under Accessibility and in the drop-down menu you select onboard
All should be set after that, and you can open onboard from menu if you need it when logged in.
To see it in Login Screen you go to the assistive icon and enable it


Can you tell me how to do it in Pamac. I opened it but I am not able to enable on screen keyboard

First you search for it in Pamac

then you click on install button, it will ask if you want to also install mousetweaks … but at this point, i wonder, how new are you to linux?

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Wait… I did exactly that but did not get it

What you did not get? Have you confirmed your installation with Apply button?

I searched onboard but I don’t see any results

Do you know how to update mirrors, refresh database for packages, do the updates from Pamac UI? Do you know how to use Terminal?

All I see is “No Package found”. And I do know to use Terminal but I would need some help

Ok, no worries. Once you opened Terminal, run this command as is:
sudo pacman-mirrors -f5 && sudo pacman -Syyu onboard

Follow the instructions there. Let us know if you get stuck.


I’ll try it

To get yourself more familiar with Pamac, check this Pamac - Manjaro
It will explain also some commands.
The pacman-mirrors -f5 command was to update your mirrors, the pacman -Syyu was to update the database and then the system, so you do not run into some partial update state … More about Pacman Overview - Manjaro

I suggest to read them when have the chance. :wink:

Once the system got updated, reboot, then once you installed onboard look again to my other replies to set it up.

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It works!

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