Manjaro logo is distorted during the boot sequence

Today I wanted to install the onboard virtual keyboard for the login screen on my fresh Manjaro xfce installation. I mistakenly first installed qt5-virtualkeyboard because that package was suggested for some other type of Manjaro, not for xfce. I restarted the system and during the booting sequence I noticed that the Manjaro logo was missing. Instead of the full Manjaro logo I can now see only the three square dots in my left upper side of the screen, and these dots are not animated anymore. It looks as if something completely distorted the logo.

Later I followed the instructions for installing the virtual keyboard as explained in this thread

And I did manage to get the virtual keyboard on the login screen with “onboard” package. Now the virtual keyboard does appear every time I boot the system. However, the distorted Manjaro logo during the booting sequence is still present. I don’t know if this was caused by installing that first package, or buy something else. It is very strange indeed. I didn’t mess with any system settings or anything like that.

Does anybody know what I can do to bring back the normal Manjaro logo during the boot sequence?

Just to add that the Manjaro logo is back during the boot sequence, although I didn’t change anything. But it was distorted for about two or three times when I booted the system. Perhaps I have Gremlins in the computer? :wink:

Unfortunately, this issue is now back and I always now see only three square dots during the boot sequence instead of the animated manjaro logo. I haven’t installed any new programs, nor did I change anything else. If anybody has any idea what I could do to restore the normal logo, please let me know. It would be really appreciated.