Hunspell-sk dictionary not in official repository

Why there is no hunspell-sk in official repository? Any specific reason for it, maybe I can help to solve it?

Ahoy @richo67
yay -Ss hunspell-sk
aur/hunspell-sk 2.4.7-1 (+11 0.01)
Slovak dictionary for Hunspell
Yes, you are right. It should be there. Make do with what’s in the AUR.
EDIT: Ooops, Now I’ve read that AUR is unsupported in Manjaro.

I would like to see it in official repository same as other languages. What can I do? Or who can do that?

It is the same situation with hunspell-bg. I do plead that it finds its way in the repo.

I think the reason it is not now, is that manjaro developers want to have actively supported packages and this package seems abandoned (untouched AUR since 2015).
But when one looks inside the dictionary file is actually from 2001. So it does not really matter if it is abandoned or not.

For now i just installed from aur, if i have time i might do some research and repackage and submit and that will be another story. I can’t do it now.

:point_right: Feature Request :wink:

hunspell-sk or hunspell-bg are dictionaries same as hunspell-en and others. They are changing rarely as th dictionary only improve in case of errors or some new words. It is actualy quite serious issue for people who are using languages which are not in offcial repository as therefore spellchecking for those languages is not properly supported by the Manjaro.

So the package is not a software, it is only dicitionary data.

It’s still a feature request. :wink:

Fair enough. I’ll consider adding the requested packages.

Both hunspell-sk & hunspell-bg are now added to the repos.

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@Yochanan thank you so much. It is great response and action. I was not (in my cynicism) hoping that this would be done. I really appreciate.

Please let me know if I can do something to support this package in the future. I could learn to be maintainer of it, for example.

One last question. What is the usual or better, recommended procedure now for people who already installed this package from AUR. First uninstall AUR package and then install it from official repository?

Thank you!

Thanks for adding.

I was about to ask the same question about AUR…it was offered as an update…but i uninstalled first just to be sure.

p.s. Unfortunately, it does not work anymore…i have not noticed cause i currently do not use it very often since i am in Germany and write German and English most of the time.

p.p.s. i fixed it! Since it is a file from 2 decades ago, cp1251 was very much used in Bulgaria at that time…obviously at some point hunspell was updated and it do not work anymore with encodings other than UTF - it underscores every word. Changing to UTF-8 fixes it.

So, @Yochanan , can you please update/fix the package?
In /usr/share/hunspell/bg_BG.aff on the first row SET microsoft-cp1251 should be replaced with SET UTF-8 and it works again. Thanks in advance.

Fixed with hunspell-bg 4.3-4 coming along shortly.

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