HP laptop freezes at Grub or rEFind menu when a USB device is plugged into computer at boot

I ran a system update, pacman -Syyu, which updated my laptop with two updates, mhwd 06.5-29 and mhwd-db 06.5-29 and that are the only changes before the freeze began happening. I downgraded the updates and it had no effect. I understand that mhwd is the hardware detection, and the only USB device that I have plugged in is my USB wireless mouse, but I’m not sure why this creates a situation that causes the computer to freeze or how to repair the situation.
I have an HP laptop, using latest Manjaro and Gnome desktop, as I stated the hardware detection was the only change before this began happening. I updated to the latest kernel, I downgraded the updates and I added rEFind and none of those changes had any impact on the problem.
It does appear that the hardware detection is the problem. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to repair this issue?

There was only a minor change to mhwd-db with that update that would not affect any existing system. However, during the update of mhwd, it does regenerate initramfs. It’s possible there was an underlying issue that hadn’t appeared until that happened. That’s only a guess.

Without logs, we have no idea what might have happened. See:

I look at some logs and didn’t see anything that would appear to be the issue.
Which log would you like to see?

I forgot that I did update-grub early in the process to attempt repair and I got this error,
“Found Windows Boot Manager on /dev/nvme0n1p1@/EFI/Microsoft/Boot/bootmgfw.efi
Adding boot menu entry for UEFI Firmware Settings …
Root filesystem isn’t btrfs”

By the way, there’s almost never a reason to use -y twice. Once is enough, twice can even cause problems.

That’s not an error and is not related.

The journal from the affected boot as outlined in the links I provided.

mhwd does nothing on it’s own - it is only triggered by user interaction or as a scripted part of the installation itself.

It is not the same as udev - which will interact at boot time with the hardware and load the necessary modules to deal with the components.

This is exactly my point.

I suggest you enter your system firmware and locate the firmware fastboot, then enabled the option.

This kind of fastboot will cause the firmware to skip external devices on initial load and can as an added benefit speedup the process.

Thanks. I do not have a fast boot option in my firmware, only in Windows 11 and I removed it to shrink the Windows partition more than it would allow with fastboot active. I don’t think I can fix that it was irreversible as in I jumped thru a lot of hoops to do it, removing hybernation and some other attributes.
I will keep researching the hardware recognition because it did work before it didn’t.

I’ve narrowed it down to not recognizing bluetooth on startup and my bluetooth mouse was what is causing it to hangup, so I’m getting closer to a solution. thanks.

*specifically the nulea brand wireless mouse. I got a different wireless mouse, problem solved.

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