[HowTo] Install Minecraft Java (PolyMC/MultiMC) on Manjaro Raspberry Pi 2022

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  • Custom packages are unsupported on Manjaro.
  • Do not use AUR unless familiar with the build process.

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Hello Everyone!
I have figured out how to install Minecraft Java on a Raspberry Pi and i wanted to share the instructions with the community. I took inspiration from:

“ars” = Add Remove Software

  1. Update your system in “ars”
  2. Enable AUR in the “ars” settings
  3. Search in “ars” for PolyMC
    4.Before you install it edit the config files
    4.a Find a line that says: arch=(‘x86_64’), change it to: arch=(‘any’)
    4.b Click Save and install (Installing PolyMC will take a long time)
  4. meanwhile you are gonna download LWJGL 3.2.3 from this website: lwjgl-org/customize
    5.a You want to change the “Version” to 3.2.3 and the “Natives” to Linux arm64
    5.b download the zip file.
    5.c Extract the file to Folder like documents
  5. To start the app correctly you have to type in terminal:


  1. Open the app and create an 1.18 instance (As of writting this there is probably a new 1.19 version)
  2. Edit the instance And click “Add to minecraft.jar” and select all jar files from the LWJGL library that you have extracted.
  3. Now run minecraft! If you had any trouble contact me and i will likely to help you!
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I’m having trouble getting the game to launch, It will crash before I can even see the window appear. I’m using 1.19 Demo because It won’t let me use the regular game as apparently I don’t own it (even though I do :neutral_face: ). Here is the log

EDIT: I forgot to mention I’m on the RPI4 with 4GB of RAM