[HowTo] Configure an additional permanent storage drive

  • Once the hardware is installed go to GParted or equivalent > Identify the new drive > Create ‘New Partition Table’ to be able to > create ‘New’ Partition and select ‘ext4’ File System.
    After that the new drive will be seeing (detected) on the File Explorer.
  • Next you need to create a directory where is going to be located. This will be done in the terminal:
    sudo mkdir -p /srv/name-of-folder
    sudo chmod ugo+rw /srv/name-of-folder
    Name it however you want. your name, username, drivef, intelssd, etc.
  • For the next step we need to find the identification number of the drive (UUID).
    lsblk -f or blkid. If they don’t work use sudo sudo blkid.
    For more information look here or here.
    With that you will be able to connect or mount the drive to the folder you created. Its like that folder will be the drive according to my interpretation.
    sudo cp -v /etc/fstab /etc/fstab.backup
    sudo nano /etc/fstab
    Once in the editor you need to add at the end the new information to that document as seen here & here.
    UUID=31f39d50-16fa-4248-b396-0cba7cd6eff2 /srv/name-of-folder ext4 defaults,noatime 0 0
    save it and exit. How? on the keyboard by using Ctrl+o and Ctrl+x
    Also keep in mind the UUID=31f39d… shown here is for example purposes, you have to use yours.
  • Restart and if the computer boot correctly continue:
  • Almost done. Now we need to edit the permissions so you can use it. Seen here.
    sudo chown linuxuser:linuxuser /srv/name-of-folder
    Keep in mind linuxuser means your user. The one you seen on top on the terminal. Something like linuxuser@linuxuser.
  • Done. enjoy using the new drive. This instructions are limited to my use. If you have other uses or needs there is many more options on each steps I took. For reference this is the Original forum post where I learn all this steps. Thanks to all the contributors that help me.
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