[HowTo] Block all ads as well as trackers system-wide (at a system level)!

Difficulty: ★☆☆☆☆

So you’re fed up with all those ads covering your web pages, eating up your internet quota, wasting your time on YouTube? Well, we have the solution! It’s simple and easy!

With the Quantum Ad-List, this is now an efficient and easy method!

What is the Quantum Ad-List, you may ask?

  • We made an AI to track and analyse every websites, a bit like a web crawler, to find and identify ads.
  • The result is a list containing over 600 000 domains used by ads, trackers, miners, malwares, and much more!
  • Specifically designed for hosts files, it can also be used for ad-blockers.

:warning: You can view the repository & source code here: :warning:

Let’s get started!

1. Download the installer!

  • You can find the installer here, or view it there.

2. Make it executable!

  • Open a terminal, then navigate to the directory where you downloaded/copied the installer named quantum_adlist.sh. ("cd ~/Downloads" if that’s where you downloaded it).
  • Now run the following command to make the installer executable: chmod a+x quantum_adlist.sh

3. Run the installer!

  • Execute ./quantum_adlist.sh

That’s all! You may periodically run the script to keep everything updated.

Shall you see ads no more!

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You can view the entire source codes and lists on GitLab!

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This ai has already been posted in the members hub and tested by several members of the manjaro team. If there was anything untoward in the code I think the team would have spotted it. That being said I would recommend people look at the code themselves before using it as its just good practice


That was not my intention.


Hey Freggel,

The Tutorial clearly shows where the source code can be viewed, so would you mind deleting that original remark as it might scare away users and it does more than just block ads: it blocks malware sites as well…

:pray: :bowing_man:

P.S. As usual: please feel free to ignore any of my suggestions / comments / remarks :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
P.P.S. Reviewing the source code now, but it seems to work by redirecting traffic through the hosts file into at a first glance…


I thought about it some more and from the security angle it’s about the same as using something from the AUR.
Comment is redacted.


Have a hug :hugs:


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how does it compare to plugins like ublock origin?

How does it compare to something like hblock?

I didn’t check
but such a huge blocklist/blacklist

  • will likely change over time and need to be kept up to date
  • isn’t transparent, as the AI that apparently creates it isn’t transparent in it’s decisions
  • will be a strain on my tiny home router on which it’ll have to be run - in order to not be installed on all devices connecting through it
  • isn’t easily switched off or adapted in case of over jealous blocking making things not work

I’m very happyy with ublock origin.
No ads for me - YouTube included.
and only very occasionally the odd website not working



It’s far superior to µBlock Origin as it redirects all outgoing traffic on the blacklist to your local network adapter.


It’s comparable to hBlock. :man_shrugging:


  1. How often does the AI update the list
  2. what’s the recommended time-frame for updating (day, week?)
  3. Are there any plans for sending just the Delta instead of the entire list???

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That’s just equivalent to creating a sinkhole to dump stuff into.
That is how blacklists work.
Does ublock origin do that differently?
… essentially, probably not :wink:

The supposed “magic” of this thing here is in it’s AI generated dumplist/blacklist
as opposed to the human generated lists used by various existing ad blockers (ublock origin as well)

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  1. VX-W is constantly running, and constantly addind entries to the list.
  2. I am only updating the gitlab repo once every two weeks (or more in between, but less significant). I would say to run an update every week, just to make sure.
  3. There are separated lists for different purposes such as privacy, ads, abuse, YouTube, etc.

After some hardcore testing, we concluded that The Quantum Ad-list is 65% more efficient and accurate than MVPS!

It also contains more domains, and had less interference with wanted web content than MVPS!

It is one of the most complete and accurate list available.

It is comparable to hBlock, the concept is the same, the installer is similar (in fact, we based our on his, for consistency). It is just the way we generate our lists that differs wildly.

It blocks everything that ublock can, minus the cosmetic filters.

Hope this answered some questions, have a wonderful day!


She knows! If she would have wanted to do it that way, she would have done it this way! :sweat_smile:


The block lists can be used alongside a browser plugin like uBlock Origin, so aren’t mutually exclusive. You can actually even use the block lists provided here with something like Pi-Hole (https://pi-hole.net/), which will make turning off individual lists and whitelisting any domains very straightforward.

Instructions for Pi-hole:


  1. Navigate to the Pi-hole web-interface.

  2. Open “Group Management”, “Adlists”.

  3. Paste the following URL into the “Address” box and click “Add”:


  1. Open the “Tools” menu and click “Update Gravity”.

  2. Click the “Update” button and wait for it to complete.


Now that I did have a look at the lists contents
I’ll definitely not be perusing it.

The AI which generated that list is apparently very moody and often made decisions that I don’t approve of.

The list contains MANY legitimate sites - which you’ll never see.
It also contains many many non existing domains, parked domains …
That is just very inefficient.
Blocking by way of the hosts file has to be very specific by nature.
But a 17 MB hosts file
nearly 611000 lines
… is too much anyway.

and again: totally legitimate sites can’t be in that list just because an AI apparently didn’t like them.


Please input your issues and inquiries here

Thank you!

No, won’t do.
Sorry for being blunt.
I’ll simply not be perusing it.