How to use Pendrive as A Ram? (Like ReadyBoost in Windows)

Is it possible to use Pendrive as VRam in Manjaro xfce.
if yes then how?

I play Call Of Duty 4 MW in my laptop using WINE. When i used windows with same hardware the game used to work without any lag but know even at the lowest setting its lagging a lot.

I did some research in game, trying different settings, i found out that My CPU is enough to manage effects like (shadows, blur, etc…) but it isnt able to render those.
I mean after i set settings from low to normal, fps remains the same with those new effects that i applied, what can i do.
My cpu handels game but cannot give the fps.
Maybe its not rendering at time


Intel Dual core processor
2gb ram

for more: my laptop is dell vostro 1015 (2gb ram Variant)

Hi @Vinayak_420,

  1. a Lot more information is necessary to see if it is possible to help you. Please read this: How to provide good information
  2. From what you’re describing, it sound like a driver issue, but there’s no way to be sure until you’ve provided the information.

You cannot extend RAM with a pendrive.
Even if it would work: Pendrives are several orders of magnitude slower than RAM and thus won’t help the mentioned use case (playing games via wine).
Even the mentioned ReadyBoost does not do that: it is a caching technology (for slower disk drives).


As a first answer - and as already mentioned - probably not possible.

Second considerations

As @freggel.doe correctly points to - the USB device is by magnitudes slower than computer memory.

From what I remember from my Windows usage - the usage is not for todays systems where tha lack of RAM is more an exception than a default.

The only real measure of increasing responsiveness on a system level is to apply certain kernel specific measures but judgning from your breif system mention you are in no position to benefit.

No, but it is possible to use your VRAM as Swap for your RAM. :smiley:

Intel GPUs have most not full support for vulkan (if you use dxvk), and therefore not everything works. Use instead OpenGL (normally d3dx9/10/11).

LANG=C winetricks dlls list | grep d3d                                                                                                                                     
d3dcompiler_42           MS d3dcompiler_42.dll (Microsoft, 2010) [downloadable,cached]
d3dcompiler_43           MS d3dcompiler_43.dll (Microsoft, 2010) [downloadable,cached]
d3dcompiler_46           MS d3dcompiler_46.dll (Microsoft, 2010) [downloadable,cached]
d3dcompiler_47           MS d3dcompiler_47.dll (Microsoft, FIXME) [downloadable]
d3drm                    MS d3drm.dll (Microsoft, 2010) [downloadable,cached]
d3dx10                   MS d3dx10_??.dll from DirectX user redistributable (Microsoft, 2010) [downloadable,cached]
d3dx10_43                MS d3dx10_43.dll (Microsoft, 2010) [downloadable,cached]
d3dx11_42                MS d3dx11_42.dll (Microsoft, 2010) [downloadable,cached]
d3dx11_43                MS d3dx11_43.dll (Microsoft, 2010) [downloadable,cached]
d3dx9                    MS d3dx9_??.dll from DirectX 9 redistributable (Microsoft, 2010) [downloadable,cached]
d3dx9_24                 MS d3dx9_24.dll (Microsoft, 2010) [downloadable,cached]
d3dx9_25                 MS d3dx9_25.dll (Microsoft, 2010) [downloadable,cached]
d3dx9_26                 MS d3dx9_26.dll (Microsoft, 2010) [downloadable,cached]
d3dx9_27                 MS d3dx9_27.dll (Microsoft, 2010) [downloadable,cached]
d3dx9_28                 MS d3dx9_28.dll (Microsoft, 2010) [downloadable,cached]
d3dx9_29                 MS d3dx9_29.dll (Microsoft, 2010) [downloadable,cached]
d3dx9_30                 MS d3dx9_30.dll (Microsoft, 2010) [downloadable,cached]
d3dx9_31                 MS d3dx9_31.dll (Microsoft, 2010) [downloadable,cached]
d3dx9_32                 MS d3dx9_32.dll (Microsoft, 2010) [downloadable,cached]
d3dx9_33                 MS d3dx9_33.dll (Microsoft, 2010) [downloadable,cached]
d3dx9_34                 MS d3dx9_34.dll (Microsoft, 2010) [downloadable,cached]
d3dx9_35                 MS d3dx9_35.dll (Microsoft, 2010) [downloadable,cached]
d3dx9_36                 MS d3dx9_36.dll (Microsoft, 2010) [downloadable,cached]
d3dx9_37                 MS d3dx9_37.dll (Microsoft, 2010) [downloadable,cached]
d3dx9_38                 MS d3dx9_38.dll (Microsoft, 2010) [downloadable,cached]
d3dx9_39                 MS d3dx9_39.dll (Microsoft, 2010) [downloadable,cached]
d3dx9_40                 MS d3dx9_40.dll (Microsoft, 2010) [downloadable,cached]
d3dx9_41                 MS d3dx9_41.dll (Microsoft, 2010) [downloadable,cached]
d3dx9_42                 MS d3dx9_42.dll (Microsoft, 2010) [downloadable,cached]
d3dx9_43                 MS d3dx9_43.dll (Microsoft, 2010) [downloadable,cached]
d3dxof                   MS d3dxof.dll from DirectX user redistributable (Microsoft, 2010) [downloadable,cached]

What this is supposed to do?
I Just Want To Optimize my game pr Wine for better fps

Ok, there are 2 translation layers for directx. OpenGL and Vulkan. Both methods must be fully supported by your GPU since Directx is Windows only. Expect there will be always a more less delay on the translation layer. On Vulkan is the delay smaller than on OpenGL.

However… this will display which version is supported by your GPU:

vulkaninfo | grep "Vulkan version"
glxinfo | grep "OpenGL version"

If Vulkan is not fully supported, then it will also result in bad behaviors. Lags etc… Therefore i suggest to try installing only d3dx9 with winetricks which will use OpenGL as translation layer.

If that does not help, then I would say, there not much you can do, since the problem is directx.

i run both the Commands

  1. vulkaninfo : command not found
  2. OpenGL version string: 2.1 Mesa 21.1.2

do i have to install vulkan?

Install it:

pamac install vulkan-tools

I see Version 2.1 is supported by the GPU. That is not really much. Even Minecraft needs Version 4.4 :smiley: Don’t expect much there.

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I have Played Same Games on same hardware on windows without lag.

Yes, because of the GPU supports Directx9 fully, but to have the same features like there on OpenGL or Vulkan, there is a higher Version needed. The Support for OpenGL is lower than Directx.

Maybe i need to dual boot windows7 for playing and linux for programming :slight_smile:

Hey! What if i Dual boot and play the same on Windows, will the lag fix…

Upgrade your hardware. You won’t be able to play many games with that.