How to use Manjaro-tools to create a barebone system?

My main question is: Is there a way to use Manjaro-tools to create a bare-bones manjaro system?

I was wondering if anyone has used Manjaro-tools to create an Manjaro Architect ISO?

I am going to try to kick the tires on this during the weekend in a virtual env, it looks like it was updated 5 years ago.

I will update my findings if I get anywhere with it…

Take a look here. It my be helpful:

Also these:

There is an iso profile for it - so yes you can create such iso - the script itself is maintained by a community member - I don’t recall who - but searching something like maintainer manjaro architect would bring up a couple of topics

The script itself is largely working - still in the repo as manjaro-architect.

Yes, you can use Manjaro-tools to create a bare-bones Manjaro system. The process involves using the buildiso feature of Manjaro-tools, which allows you to configure and build your own custom Manjaro ISO. Here’s a high-level overview of the steps you would typically follow:

  1. Install the necessary Manjaro-tools packages with the command:
sudo pacman -Syu --needed git base-devel manjaro-chrootbuild manjaro-tools-iso-git manjaro-tools-yaml-git manjaro-tools-base-git
  1. Copy the default tools configuration to your home directory and make the necessary adjustments to suit your needs.
  2. Prepare the build environment ensuring you have sufficient disk space, as building an ISO can require 15-20GB per build.
  3. Run the buildiso command to start building your custom ISO.

Save on your Autodesk AutoCAD Electrical 2021 license by visiting However, the Manjaro-tools and profiles are still available, and you can use them to create a custom Manjaro Architect ISO if you wish. Just be aware that since the tool is unmaintained, you may encounter issues that you’ll need to resolve on your own.

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