How to use hardware acceleration in Raspberry Pi with Manjaro?

The VLC player and Chromium which comes with default installation of Raspbian support hardware acceleration in Raspberry Pi.

Compared to that, Raspberry Pi 4 lags a little in Manjaro when watching a youtube video in Firefox, or when watching a high resolution movie in VLC.

How to use hardware acceleration to play youtube videos? If Firefox does not support it, does any other browser support it?

Also, how to enable hardware acceleration in VLC?

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We already have the #arm section, I just moved it there. :wink:

The Raspberry Pi foundation has not really been focusing on 64-bit up until now, so the 64-bit drivers are not as good as it’s 32-bit counterpart, which Raspbian (now RaspberrypiOS) use.

Related issue in GitHub.

Will the update to kernel 5.10 improve GPU acceleration in Raspberry Pi as well, like it did in Odroid N2?

The new VC4 additions in the 5.10 kernel does hep with performance.

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Can confirm that.
HW Accl. feels much more performant with V4L2 and Emby (Mediaserver).

Never used the Pi as desktop, so i cant talk about that.
But just install the rc kernel. Working flawless so far.
If you want to install the latest rc kernel, you need to switch to the unstable branch.

And then sudo pacman -S linux-rc-pi4*

Thats it.

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Hi all

curious if anybody tried this good news with kodi, new mesa 20.3.x , new kernel 5.10.x - I assume its all on 64bit - does the hw acceleration works ? Thats the only pitfall I have and its a blocker to move to 64bit system on my rpi4b.

I think we are talking about two different things here. The new 5.10rc kernel+mesa+chromium supports 3d acceleration (fishtank at 18 frames in new chromium) but I think there is still no h264/h265 acceleration in ffmpeg/vlc for videos. Correct me if I am wrong (hopefully :slight_smile:)

hopefully youre wrong :slight_smile: seems that graysky has made some pregress and there is hw acceleration for videos in early stages ( for video - kodi ) - check arm arch forum

seems like progress on arm arch 64 bit the cpu usage went from 70 perc to 30 perc , its a move :slight_smile: kernel 5.10-rc5, kodi 19alpha

I compiled graysky’s PKGBUILD today and did a little testing with th 5.10-rc5 kernel in our unstable repo and I am impressed. I have a NASA 4K UHD clip I got off the satellite which my desktop even has trouble playing and the video was smooth. When I had tried in the past the pi’s cpu cores were maxed out and jerky video.

Info in kodi as the video was playing:

Info on the video in MediaInfo:


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Which PKGBUILD is this?

I am not sure what you are wanting to achieve due to this thread topic. There is still no HW acceleration using a graphical desktop for a 64 bit OS. There is using kodi but it has to be run outside a graphical desktop which is talked about in this thread and I also recompiled kodi with the latest a couple of days ago and some addons posted here:

Any news on this front? Is HW acceleration now possible with RPi4 + Manjaro 64bit somehow?
(default Manjaro update didn’t seem to enable anything and all is done by CPU still)