How to update to the newest release (for noobs)

Sorry total noob here. This is like day 3 on any linux distro for me, ever. Im currently running a stable release of manjaro plasma, PC is the minisforum UM350. I see a new stable release just came out but I have no idea how to update. Been searching quite a bit online but no clear instructions.

Any help is appreciated
Thank you!

We’ve all been noobs. :slight_smile:

The easiest to use for a new user trying to learn unfamiliar things is probably Pamac, which has a GUI:

If you want to start learning the Terminal, or if Pamac is not installed on your system, you could try this documentation:


Manjaro is a rolling release. This means that when you keep your system current updated you should have the latest release already. Simply open Pamac (Add / Remove Software) and check if updates are available. Packages gives you the info on our branches we support. You can simply search for manjaro-release in the package manager or issue a cat /etc/lsb-release and check if you match the given release versions.

Or: go to console (CTRL+ALT+F2), login as root and type pacman -Syyu.