How to update JOSM?

Current version of JOSM (Official repositories - community) is 18463 from May.
But is quit old version (half a year ego, now there is 5 versions newer)
2022-11-01: Stable release 18583 (22.10)
2022-10-07: Stable release 18570 (22.09)
2022-08-30: Stable release 18543 (22.08)
2022-08-02: Stable release 18531 (22.07)
2022-07-07: Stable release 18513 (22.06)

Is it possible to manually update JOSM and not break any repository or it is better idea to switch to AUR or just deinstall official package and install/update this package from website by me?

archlinux says
that the package is flagged out-of-date on 2022-07-06
so I guess is not maintained anymore.
Fortunately it just jar so I will use/start it manually.

I just copied new downloaded current version of jar to /usr/share/java/josm/

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