How to stop Thunderbird from starting at startup?

Hello everyone!

I am using Thunderbird on my Manjaro (KDE Plasma) system. Since I have quite a large e-mail archive, I recently decided to move my Thunderbird profile data to another hard drive (from the SSD to a HDD). This hard drive is not automatically mounted when the computer starts.

Thunderbird, however, automatically starts after logging in, only to complain that it cannot find my profile.
So I wanted to turn it off. But where can this setting be found? I was unable to find Thunderbird under ‘Autostart’.

Thank you for your help! :slight_smile:

You could check in Session & Startup - you may have it auto starting there - also if you close thunderbird before turning off your computer - it shouldn’t start again - if it does you have probably saved it in a session

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Have a look here:

Make sure that “Start with an empty session” is selected.

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Indeed, after turning the setting to “Start with empty session”, the problem was resolved.
Thank you very much, @Nicomo and @Wollie! :green_heart:


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