How to setup dynamic wallpaper?

how to setup dynamic wallpaper in manjaro KDE plasma , dynamic wallpaper like Fedora OS

In your case I would try dynamic-wallpaper-editor package from AUR.

and manjaro-dynamic-wallpaper available from the official repository (community)

but i can’t find wallpapers


how to open this app

You may be interested in this Dynamic Wallpaper plugin that is made for KDE Plasma, it’s available in the AUR as plasma5-wallpapers-dynamic

by the way how to install that plugin in KDE plasma ?

If you want it from AUR, then you install it the same way you install anything from AUR (use yay, trizen, paru, pamac, any of the AUR helpers you choose), then dynamic will be an option in the wallpaper type in Configure Desktop and Wallpaper…

i got this error i think i need a dynamic wallpaper

eh. just dont.
They are annoying to me… but more importantly its a silly waste and such things have a recurring record of being buggy.

PS weird file format, ‘hello-nahian’ :wink:

this is my pc username

yes … I can see that.

but i can’t set dynamic wallpaper

Maybe try with something that is not .heic … or just dont.
salam :slight_smile:

any site i can download .heic wallpapers?

I said NOT .heic.

See for example …

i want this wallpaper can you help me?

Use gimp to convert to jpeg