How to setup dynamic wallpaper?

JPEG will work for dynamic wallpaper?

No need to convert it, the plasma5-wallpaper-dynamic plugin installed will handle the heic file format, all BlackHole needs to do is follow the instructions on that page. I just tried it out for myself and it works.

i can’t download that heic file format wallpaper

I’m not sure why you can’t download it, when I clicked on the link “1080p wallper.heic” it took me to the page that shows “View raw” and when I clicked that, it downloaded, also on that page it has a download button.

To use the wallpaper follow instructions on Vlad Zahorodnii’s “plasma5-wallpapers-dynamic” and download 1080p wallpaper.heic or 4k wallpaper.heic.

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yes i found right now , i am new in github to its confusing for me

No problem. I too sometimes overlook the obvious. :grinning:

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