How to setup a headless Raspberry Pi 4 on only Wifi?

With manjaro-arm-installer tool it's possible to prepare an SD Card for the Raspberry Pi 4 with the OEM setup part already done. Which means i can slip the SD card in, attach power and an ethernet cable and i can start using RPi4 through ssh.

My aim is to remove the need for ethernet and ssh in through wifi. All the research i've come across points to having to log into the system through keyboard or ethernet at least once. I want to skip this step. How can I achieve this?

Start your RPi with a fresh copy of Manjaro and connect it to the Wi-Fi using either ssh over Ethernet or login through the keyboard. Once you have connected to your Wi-Fi network give it a static IP and then remove the Ethernet and keyboard.

Using the static ip you have set to the Wi-Fi you, can ssh to your device wirelessly.

Hope this is helps you with your question.

You could also install NetworkManager and run afterwards nmtui

What I'm trying to do is prepare the SD Card in such a way that no login through keyboard or ethernet is required to get the wifi up.

All your suggestions & the guides point to how i can run wifi-menu or use wpa_supplicant or netctl etc. These all require manually interacting with the system. What i want to do is to write the EFFECT of running those commands onto the sdcard so that when it's inserted and booted, wifi is already set up.

What worked for me in the past, part:
Setup wired and wireless networking to auto connect when the pi boots (or just roams within range of the network).

Not quite as simple as I was hoping but this has given me a ton of ideas to try out, thanks.

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