How to set up openvpn server on manjaro plasma desktop by using networkmanager?

I’m trying to set up my own openvpn server with networkmanager, I’m new to all of this. It’s kinda hard to find good guides for this. Can someone help me with this one please?

Take a look here. It may be helpful:

I’ve installed openvpn packages, now as I understood I need to configure it, but there are some ways to do it… and I don’t get it. What is easy-rsa? is it an another way to configure it without networkmanager?..

NetworkManager is for connecting to a server, so as a client.

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do I need to install tun module for setting up a server?

Commercial VPNs have an extra GUI like proton-vpn for example, but they also use NetworkManager as backend. Anyway, you need to know how your provider wants you to login to their service. It can be done entirly with NetworkManager’s GUI, or use the GUI of your provider.

You have not stated what the exact goal is… like reaching your home devices and/or using your home as gateway to internet, protection from WiFi spots…


A tool to setup and maintain a PKI

For small setups with a handful of clients a –peer-fingerprint setup might be an option.
Altough openssl is used in the example an alternative to that with a GUI is XCA.
For small setups more than sufficient.

I think enough reading to do.