How to install an OpenVPN Server and easy-rsa on Manjaro?

Any suggestions?

I tried several ones which I googled an ran always into errors.


Have you seen these?
OpenVPN Archwiki
Easy-RSA Archwiki

Very detailed and helpful in my opinion. Best of luck.

Thank you…

But I run into problems to install the openvpn server.

pacman -S openvpn

works, but I can neither find any appropriate service nor connect.

Should I see the openvpn daeman with “ps -efa | grep openvpn”, beacuase keeps empty.

Regards CJC

Did you created a server config for OpenVPN and started the OpenVPN server via the appropriate systemd command?

As @xabbu says, you need to enable the systemd unit. This is mentioned on the Arch wiki page, and also links to the Arch wiki page for enabling systemd units.

Yes I have an old server config (from anubuntu-server).

Thank-you again!

I do not understand how to enable the systemd unit. What exactly should I do? The Wikipages seem to mix the configuration of clients and servers, what confuses me.

You config needs to be in this folder /etc/openvpn/server/
It will only work if the config file is in this folder.

You need to know the name of the file. It needs to end in .conf

For example oldserver.conf , then start the OpenVPN server via

systemctl start openvpn-server@oldserver.service

If it is an old config it might not work.

Check the log via

journalctl --no-pager -u openvpn-server@oldserver.service

or the log file you specified in the config.

Replace oldserver with the name of your server config file name, without the .conf

Again many thanks. Now after installing my certificates and so on the logfile says
journalctl --no-pager -u openvpn-server@server.service

Data Channel MTU parms [ L:1622 D:1450 EF:122 EB:406 ET:0 EL:3 ]
failed to find GID for group nogroup
Exiting due to fatal error

How can I fix that?

This is because my server.conf includes the directives
user nobody
group nogroup

Should I add a group nogroup (the user nobody already exists (with attributes nobody:x:65534:65534:Nobody:/:/usr/bin/nologin) and what rights should i give to this group?

And: how do you format the code lines in your answers. I don’t get that.

regards, CJC

I would not recommend you use a user and group in your config. The openvpn package creates a openvpn user and the systemd service file will run the openvpn process as the user openvpn and group network . The openvpn process will not be able to get root permissions. It can not swtich the user. Keep that in mind if you need extra scripts or need to read files that are not available for the user openvpn or the group network .

mark the text and use the "Preformattet text " button (</>) or add in the line above and in the line below three ` characters. If you want to format text in a paragraph use just one in front and after the text.

Now it the openvpn server is up and running! Thank you!!!

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