[How to] Search engine temporarily/alternate url fixer (browser extension)

Difficulty: ★☆☆☆☆

When you search for in a search engine you currently get results that still link to forum.manjaro.org while their actual location is at archived.forum.manjaro.org . We have to wait until search engines index the site correctly.

In the mean time you can use the following browser plugin:
GitHub - fluks/redirect-link: A browser addon to redirect a link to somewhere else. (there are links to the plugin pages of both Firefox and Chrome)

Then you have to do first some configuration. In Firefox (haven’t tested in Chrome yet) you have to:

  • right-click on the extension icon in the toolbar
  • choose Manage extension.
  • On top of the details page, you click on the ,
  • In the drop down menu, you click on Preferences.
  • Add a new row and fill a title and for url you use: https://archived.forum.manjaro.org/%p

When you see a search result you now can right-click and on the bottom is the option for plugin Redirect-link to redirect search result directly to the archived page.

Hope this is useful for someone.

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and without contextual menu but use bookmark button

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Ah ok, probably much simpler. Didn’t see that tutorial… (sometimes I live in my own bubble) Maybe my topic should be moved to tutorials?

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