Google search results

Thank you. My old id was not accessible too had to create a new one :frowning:

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No problem! That happened to all of us.

this post explains the details:

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I do search about my doubts and issues in google and there is always some solution in but when i actully click on it there is nothing ???

Add archived. at the beginning of the link


There’s also these two temporary solutions:

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i am having issue with no sound and there is answer for the problem but i can’t see any solution what the hell is happening to this forum

Do you have trouble searching this forum?
This question has been asked a dozen times already.
Due to the switch, the previous forum is archived.
See any other thread with this info, like Google search results.

And in general … you might take some time to also read our forum guidelines.

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If everything is private why the duck did you opened this forum

Would be nice if you explain what you meant by this

What do you mean there is an answer but you can’t see any solution?

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Is there any way the forum can be fixed? Looking for help with Manjaro issues has become bassically impossible now.

Fix what exactly?
The forum? No … thats why we are on a new one.
The search engines? No … we dont control those.

All of the old info is still available. Just go to the archived site.
If you mean pulling from a search listing, then simply add an archived. in front of the address.

If you want something even more automatic you could look at these things:

Well I just use google cache, it’s only 2 more clicks. Idk when Google cache will expire though. Then I might have to use archived forum, though I think something like wayback machine would probably be more convenient.

It’s an easy fix to issue a 301 redirect on the forum’s server. Why the devs feel they don’t need to is beyond me. They are expecting newbie users to be technically inclined enough to first know that we’re on a new forum and second, know that they need to manually manipulate the URL.

TBH, if that is the attitude they have towards a simple website, it gives me second thoughts about using the OS.

And, why was my thread hijacked? This is very much a “technical issue” and it HAS NOT been solved!

You would need to ask who moved it … and I dont see any ‘solve’ marked.

As to the site … I dont know on that front either.
Theres only a few people who have access to it … and even less who actually work on it.

A few posts above by @bogdancovaciu, indicating to prepens archived., has been marked as the solution.

I understand you don’t personally have the required access, but this was addressed in the OP 8 days ago. A redirect should have been one of the first things implemented when the forum changed.

Hey, @Twifty

My answer was a provisory workaround for those that wanted a quick way to access the search results. There are also another 2 provisory better approaches for this in the forum.
Sure there needs to be a proper way to deal with this, and hopefully those able to provide it, will do it soon. :slight_smile:

Glad my answer was not considered a solution!

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Hopefully my feedback doesn’t come across as too harsh, I’m not trying to single anyone in-particular out. I’m just saying this was a major oversight on the part of the forum devs, and after 8 days now it still hasn’t been fixed.

Having workarounds suggested is all well and OK, provided said search engine users have already read them. Let’s try to imagine how many people have used google, gotten the 404 page and said to themselves “F it, I’m going back to Ubuntu”.

There is so much to do and last month has been a full time job for some of us, things move slow as the team is very small, even if you see many in team page they might only provide a few hours a month to a few hours a day depending on availability or a few hours when they have time, as is all volunteer based, so we will get around it when we have got time.


Moved to forum feedback. The is not non-technical topic as you pointed out.

Personally, I would just redirect all 404:s with 301 to archived forum for a while. The solution suggested by @moson seems a good one:

Why are articles disappearing?

However, unfortunately the people with access to the server itself have better things to do. I’m not saying that this unimportant. But there are even more important matters, and we can’t postpone the actual distro maintenance indefinitely to fix forum issues.

That is unfortunate, and should be avoided if possible. However, it is the end of the world. Becoming popular is not a very high priority for Manjaro. We just want to make a good os.


wouldn’t it be better to just update the 404 page to link you over to the old forum and use robots.txt on the 404 page to stop google indexing the old forum?

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