How to restore default manjaro grub theme?

Edit: I was able to restore the default theme by restoring grub files from a timeshift snapshot.

I decided to try out a different grub theme. I installed Vimix using the install script it came with. However, now I want to go back to the default manjaro theme, but I’m not sure how.
I tried using Grub Customizer, but it’s completely broken for me. Only the “starfield” theme shows up in the themes dropdown box, even though the manjaro theme and the Vimix theme are installed at /usr/share/grub/themes/. Also, if I try to make any changes, I get a syntax error after it runs update-grub.

I have the package grub-theme-manjaro installed.

In /etc/default/grub, I have a line:


Run update-grub.

I’ve never used Grub Customizer, so the above may or may not work depending :slight_smile:

Grub Tips & Tricks @archlinux

Did not work unfortunately.
I get a syntax error when I try to run update-grub. I’m not sure if that is causing it to not work.

error: syntax error.
error: Incorrect command.
error: syntax error.
Syntax error at line 206
Syntax errors are detected in generated GRUB config file.
Ensure that there are no errors in /etc/default/grub
and /etc/grub.d/* files or please file a bug report with
/boot/grub/ file attached.

When I reboot it says: “file not found /usr/share/grub/themes/Vimix/theme.txt” and boots grub without a theme.
For some reason it’s still trying to use the Vimix theme even though I changed the GRUB_THEME= to manjaro.

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grub-cusomizer is crap software. dont use it. it doesnt work well. it breaks things.

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You need to find and fix the syntax error so update-grub can update GRUB correctly

do you have a file /etc/default/grub.pacnew ?
That may contain configuration changes that need to be merged with /etc/default/grub
It may also help you spot any configuration error in the file

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Every time Manjaro installs new kernel, duplicated entries are generated in grub. I was told it is caused by grub-customizer. So I uninstalled that package, but duplicated entries are still generated. How do I restore default Manjaro configuration?