How to remove default Manjaro GDM theme?


I want to remove the default Manjaro GDM theme and come back to the default blue GDM theme from Gnome.

I removed Manjaro-Gdm-branding package but nothing happens. So, how to have the default blue GDM theme from Gnome ?


I am not a gnome user, but the following strikes me from one of the tutorials:

or this:

Always use the default GDM theme -from gnome-shell package, 
and not the manjaro-gdm-theme to start this quest/experiment

Manjaro-gdm-theme doesn’t exist with the last Manjaro Gnome. I will see if adwaita-maia-gdm is enabled and I will try to remove it. Before (previous versions), we removed Manjaro-gdm-branding and It worked.

Thanks for your help.

I am not a Gnome user - but I guess the package manjaro-gnome-vanilla is created for such purpose

Run the Manjaro Gnome Reset Tool

Deeply hidden is the gnome-shell-maia package

You will have to remove the gnome-shell-extension and gnome-browser-connector as well - but this does what your are looking for @AlanP

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I used “Login Manager Settings” to change the Mouse Cursor on GDM (From the Horrible Black to the Awesome White One) and the whole GDM defaulted to Gnome Default, Blue with plain background and no Manjaro branding.

It’s an AppImage so should run without problems, but don’t forget after downloading it to Make it executable.

My Settings:

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Currently, the only way to theme GDM is by compiling GNOME Shell with custom colors–that’s what we did with gnome-shell-maia.

manjaro-gdm-branding is just that–the Manjaro branding. We used to have manjaro-gdm-theme that changed the color.

Replace gnome-shell-maia with the regular gnome-shell package:

sudo pacman -Syu gnome-shell

Also change the Accent Color in the Custom Accent Colors GNOME Shell Extension preferences.

You will need to log off or reboot for the change to take affect.


@Yochanan: It works. Thanks.
@TheReaperUK: I was looking for that kind of software. Thank you very much for the information.

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