[How To] Revert back to the original blue highlight of the Gnome shell

Difficulty: ☆☆☆☆☆

We know you’re the ultimate fan of the soft green highlight of the Manjaro branded Gnome shell. But some will prefer the authentic, legendary blue highlight of the Gnome desktop environment.

Luckily for that, there’s two very simple methods to do so.

That’s why I’m going to show you how to get back the original blue highlight of the Gnome shell.

Methodology 1: Remove manjaro-gdm-theme

  1. Open a terminal and execute:

    sudo pacman -Rdd manjaro-gdm-theme
  2. Log out!

  3. log back in!

Voilà! We reverted to the original Gnome shell blue highlight!

Methodology 2: Restore the Gnome default theme

  1. Open a terminal and execute:

    cd /usr/share/gnome-shell
  2. Rename the current theme file to archive it

    sudo mv gnome-shell-theme.gresource gnome-shell-theme.gresource.manjaro
  3. Rename the original gnome theme file to make it default.

    sudo mv gnome-shell-theme.gresource.old gnome-shell-theme.gresource
  4. Log out!

  5. Log back in!

Voilà! We successfully reverted to the original Gnome shell blue highlight!

Feel free to critique and/or leave suggestions below.


Fancy! :relieved:
:thinking: But still have to find a way to get a beautiful shade of pink! :sweat_smile:


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If you look closely, all that is not required. There is a hook script, once you remove manjaro-gdm-theme, the original shell (with the blue highlights) will get restored.

Follow this and replace the greens with you favorite pinks


Hm, last time I tried so, the dependencies were almost going to wipe out Gnome entirely from my system :rofl:

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Please explain. Is part of the manjaro-assets but it can be removed with no fuss.

Oh, the last time I made sudo pacman -Rdd manjaro-gdm-theme, the result was abominable. Gnome was “missing gtk assets”… :thinking:

@Pinkisjustnumbers had the same issue as well…

But maybe it’s just us, maybe we won the lottery in a undesired way! :sweat_smile:

Thus, I would be completely fine with removing this post if you deem it’s unnecessary !

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Gnome was broken :disappointed_relieved:

With or without dd it should not remove anything else.

Is an alternative. We can keep it. Is not dangerous.

It happens, but if you have any particular issue, better open a help request.

Indeed, it removed nothing else! But Gnome was in a hysterical identity crisis after that…

I have checked everything, and I know my Linux systems as much as my pockets!

Everything was stable before, no issues at all, but I think this provoked Gnome to act like a child who didn’t have that one corner of a cake with the most icing, therefore crying out loud that the cake is a total horror…

Nothing hurts to try again, but I thought that two different people on two different systems would confirm the legitimacy of this issue, but I guess it just has been refuted!

I might install Manjaro Gnome in a VM, and test it out once again. Maybe the bug , if it is one, has been fixed!

Therefore, I may still thank you for your suggestions and critiques! :smile:

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Gnome went trough a lot of changes lately and as we speak things still get discussed on our end, and more stuff to be better polished.
I use an unstable install with no issues. The VM install are so abused by now, but still performing well, so maybe was a partial update on your end rather than this modification by removing manjaro-gdm-theme

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I mean, this would make sense… But again, before doing any changes to my systems, I make sure the dust is settled. With experience, you never know when there’s effectively a broken package somewhere…

I know I have been able to modify/recompile the gnome-shell-theme file on one of my Gentoo installations, without any itch. But as I said, there is no way one can avoid all issue, so the possibility of a mistake on my end is a valid argument.

Given all that, for sure I will try this procedure once again, to be in definite certitude.

You know what?
I may just add this step in addition, to give two methods.:sweat_smile:

Nothing hurts to have two way of executing a task!


So I modified the tutorial to include both parties!

Still a bit weary about the manjaro-gdm-theme mishap, but what not!

Once again, thank you for your suggestions and feedback, it is much appreciated! :sweat_smile:

P.S. When she said “But still have to find a way to get a beautiful shade of pink!”, it was sarcasm as she already has hers all in pink! :wink:

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There is also a switch in gnome-layout-switcher to toggle Manjaro branding in gnome. It removes the green hue in gdm and gnome she’ll.


Sorry to resurrect such an old topic, but I’ve followed the steps above (removing manjaro-gdm-theme) and text highlighting is still green, as well as radio buttons in things like Gnome Tweaks and elsewhere. I’ve selected different shell and application themes but the green still hangs around like a bad habit. Any tips on completely removing the green highlights from all UI elements?