How to pin browser profiles in panel?

Hi everyone.
Is there any way to pin browser profiles into panel?

It’s for Windows. I need it for Manjaro XFCE.

Change the Exec line in /usr/share/applications/vivaldi-stable.desktop as root:

Exec=/usr/bin/vivaldi-stable --profile-directory="Profile 1" %U

Maybe you mean copy to ~/.local/share/applications (for as many entries as needed), while editing the name and exec to reflect the different profiles to use … then they will be like any other launcher and can be pinned to the panel.
They will also not interfere with the ‘regular’ system vivaldi .desktop file, does not require root, can create as many as needed, and wont be overwritten by an update.

I don’t understand where’s solution there? I don’t see that code (“Exec=/usr/bin/vivaldi-stable --profile-directory=“Profile 1” %U”) there at all.
Can you be more specific how to pin profiles into panel?

copy that code? paste where?

The desktop file. Copy to that location in your home and edit as needed.

what desktop file? Can you tell me exactly what to do? I don’t understand.

there is not such directory as application in my local/share folder.

cp /usr/share/applications/vivaldi-stable.desktop ~/.local/share/applications

what’s this? Why can’t you be helpful? Why can’t you tell me exactly what to do instead of giving me some code I have no idea what to do with?

Apparently because you are missing some basic knowledge and failed to mention it.
Consider changing up your attitude.

In the cases above most everything was referring to a path. A location.
"Where is the file I downloaded? - Its in the Downloads folder.
“Where is the downloads folder?” - In your home folder.
“Ok but where is it really”? - We would express this like: /home/ditendra08/Downloads
(also note ~ is shorthand for /home/ditendra08)

So in the case above we were referencing the desktop file (the one ending in .desktop that is located inside the ‘applications’ directory, within the ‘share’ directory’, within ‘usr’ directory, from root, or ‘/’

The other thing mentioned was cp which is a basic tool for copying.
As with most things you would get that kind of information by using something like
cp --help or man cp
Or really any sort of ‘introduction to linux’ guide or a quick search engine query.

We did. Its not our fault you dont understand.

With it spelled out … do you understand now?
Copy the file from one location to the other and edit it to launch using the desired profile.
(I dont use vivaldi … so you would have to verify its syntax)

'nuff of that noise. Post cleaned. :broom: