How to permantly invert screen orientation?

Good afternoon!

Quick introduction, I am a new Manjaro user coming over from Ubuntu and Mint but really limited experience with Linux CLI and actually using the OS. I would like to take this issue as an opportunity to start learning the OS better and how to troubleshoot things as they come up on my own. If you could assist by not only providing the best way to accomplish my screen issue and but how to also apply that knowledge to the future I sure would appreciate it.

I had to mount my screen upside down because of the location of the mounting bracket holes. Now whenever my screen turns off and comes back on it is back to being the normal orientation.

I know I can use xrandr to adjust the orientation or the gui settings, but that does not make it stick.

I have added this into the session and startup(Application Autostart) at login:

xrandr --output DP-1 --roatate inverted

Which does rotate the screen when the computer is started.

I assume I need to make a script in the conf directory, which I have never done before.

Thank you so much for the time and assistance, I appreciate it!!

Found this since before:

They speak of some “kernel parameter” (personally no idea about those animals) but maybe worth a read and further investigation.

Hope this helps.

Not sure if that fixed it, as the OP just ended up swapping their cables. If someone does know this is the answer, I can give it a go.