How to permanently disable lockscreen?

Hello, I have disabled anything to do with lockscreen like allowing automatic login from boot and wake up in the screen locking settings.
But it still locks my session after being idle after a while. There’s this one setting which I think is the culprit Allow unlocking without password for: X seconds now this option only goes up to 300 seconds and I would like to permanently allow unlocking without a password.

Security isn’t a concern since this PC is just the family HTPC for watching movies and videos. Though I still have a password for root.

Check also the options in the power management… about suspend and hibernate…
It’s not at the same place than screen locking

yeah I have already been there

In the lock screen settings there’s “lock screen automatically:” [X] After Y minutes

Just un-ticking that should do it.

Yeah I had that un checked all this time

I know you’ve already been there, but if you are on a laptop, then there will be 3 tabs at the top; AC power, battery, low-battery. You’ll need to configure all of those not to sleep or suspend session. It looks like each of those pages has at least 4 options that support locking screen/suspending etc.

I don’t know where else you might go, it sounds like you hit the correct spots. I just checked my laptop’s
Dell) BIOS to see if that could be the culprit, but it has no hibernate type options that I could locate - that might be worth investigating as well. Good luck.

If unchecking that and “After waking from sleep” doesn’t disable the lock screen for you (except when manually triggered with a shortcut or in the menu) then that’s a bug. You should report it at

@sweasyf the power management options have nothing to do with screen locking.

A lot of times when a system setting doesnt seem to work or ‘stick’ it can have to do with “saved sessions” … try disabling that and/or starting with a “new/clean” session.

Zamundaaa, You are right about power management options on an AC-powered desktop, but on a laptop there are additional options, like what to do when the lid is closed - lock screen is one of the options. .

like what to do when the lid is closed - lock screen is one of the options

Right, forgot that one. That shouldn’t be the problem of OP but can’t hurt to check