How to merge .pacnew files?

   ~  pacnew file found for /etc/default/grub  :heavy_check_mark:
zsh: command not found: pacnew
   ~  sudo DIFFPROG=diff pacdiff|result=  127 ✘
[sudo] password for alexbespik:
   ~  sudo DIFFPROG=diff pacdiff|result=  PIPE ✘
==> pacnew file found for /etc/default/grub
zsh: = not found
   ~   PIPE ✘

  1. Install pacnew-chaser from the AUR. It integrates well with Plasma and it’s a lot easier to use than the command-line variants.

  2. When posting command-line output when your system is not installed in English, prepend your commands with “LC_ALL=C”. This will make it more readable to other forum members. :wink:

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When posting terminal output, copy the output and paste it here, wrapped in three (3) backticks, before AND after the pasted text. Like this:

pasted text

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pasted text

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sollicitudin dolor
eget nisl elit id
arcu erat varius
cursus sem quis eros.

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Sed sollicitudin dolor eget nisl elit id condimentum arcu erat varius cursus sem quis eros.

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:bangbang::bangbang: Additionally

If your language isn’t English, please prepend any and all terminal commands with LC_ALL=C. For example:

LC_ALL=C bluetoothctl

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My system is in English

In that case, see @Mirdarthos’ post above. :point_up_2:

manjaro-pacnew-checker also works pretty well

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The command is actually

pacdiff -s

and sudo is handled automatically. If you want a gui you can install meld for example, then it will be
DIFFPROG=meld pacdiff -s

And compare very carefully the 2 files before making changes and ask first if unsure. And then run sudo update-grub

You need no other App

DIFFPROG=sdiff pacdiff -s 

And if folks set the environment variable then DIFFPROG would not be needed as a preface.
(if unset then it defaults to vim -d)

Curios fact: not everybody likes to work with vim. Especially inexperienced users.

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Related curiosity.

Oh somehow I’ve missed the never-remarked upon “how do I exit vim?” and other such things. Its even better since manjaro doesnt ship vim by default so it would just fail. :wink:

The point wasnt to suggest using vim. But rather to suggest users configure environment variables.

# This file is parsed by pam_env module
# Syntax: simple "KEY=VAL" pairs on separate lines
# Editors
# Portals
# Less Debug Logging
# Some hidpi stuff for QT
# If enabled (along with above) things get huge
# HW-accel for gstreamer by ignoring white-list
# wine stuff 
# Disable GNOME Accessibility bus

Then things like sudoedit and pacdiff dont need the extra ENV=VAR syntax … it will use your choice.