How to manage AMD GPU drivers on a rolling release?

Experiencing gpu driver instability after this update (amd). This has also brought to my attention that I have no idea how to approach this on a rolling release.

For now I have reverted and all is fine and I would assume that I do not want the updated mesa driver, but I don’t want to bork my install either.

If anyone could shove me in the right direction on how to properly approach this situation I would appreciate it.

AMD GPU drivers are built into the kernel, so kernel management becomes a thing on a rolling release:

  • Always have at least 2 LTS kernels running on your system (At the time of this writing 5.4 and 5.10 are the newest)
  • Ensure grub is showing at startup:
    • execute:

      sudo nano --backup /etc/default/grub
    • Change (or add?) the following 3 lines:


      (3 or higher is fine, add the # before the lines above if those lines are present)

    • Ctrl+X Y Enter to save if there is anything to save

    • If you did save, execute:

      sudo update-grub
    • Reboot

Those are the basics.

And this answer is a wiki answer, so any TL3 can edit this to add more tips!


That clears things up and confirms that my problems lie elsewhere as I stayed on 5.13. Thank you.

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