What does this do_add the # before the lines

I’m doing a bit of work on a fresh install mostly on grub and reading up my notes I found this I don’t know what it does and is this # important ?
link from here
A screenshot just to highlight the comment

I’m asking because my GRUB has no # on those lines
Looking up the Duck is no help.
Thank You

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Normally in a config file, any line that starts with # is completed ignored.

It’s useful for disabling or “toggling” a setting, forcing a “default” value via omission, or writing helpful notes within the config file such as explanations, comments, reminder of defaults, etc.

It’s good to get in the habit of using comments, so that if you revist the config file, you can review your “notes” and the reasoning for why you are using a particular setting. :pencil2: :notebook:


OK Thanks for the link @anon59284200 a fair bit clearer now.
@winnie that explains why the # is not in the unaltered grub menu it’s just the comment from @Fabby threw me off because had not seen that in grub that’s all, the old brain went ’ um what’s that’ .
Thank you both for helping

Would changing this:

to this:

(3 or higher is fine. Ensure the # is the first character on the lines where it shows as such)

be clearer?


Changing the wording is not what I’m talking about, it’s the # I’m had not seen that in grub [ well only go there if I really have to , and that’s hardly ever ],
All I was asking was is, what is # it’s purpose in the grub file what does it do , that’s all,
the wordings fine nothing wrong with the way you wrote that, It’s all good. :gem:

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Have a good day , Thanks Dude for Thumbsup.

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