How to make Konsole look like it does on newer installations?

I did a fresh install of Manjaro on a new system a couple of weeks ago, and noticed that Konsole looks very different on the new system than it does on my older installations. For example, the new one has a graphical representation of Home.

On one of my old systems I’ve tried creating new Konsole profiles, deleting the shell’s rc file and going through the text menu process to create a new one, and futzing around with the Konsole settings but haven’t found a way to make Konsole look like it does on my new installation.

What am I missing? How do I reset it to the defaults as they would be for a new installation?

All three of the official Manjaro editions — XFCE, Plasma and GNOME — now use zsh as the shell inside graphical terminal emulators, albeit that the system shell and the shell in tty sessions remains bash.

If you wish for your old installations to start using zsh in their graphical terminals as well, then just install — in your case — the package manjaro-kde-settings and copy over the relevant files from /etc/skel to your $HOME directory.

Note 1: The default Konsole profile is now read-only. If you want to customize anything about it, then you will need to copy over this profile into a new one, customize that, and then set that as the default profile to use.

Note 2: zsh is very different from bash in terms of its command syntax, configuration and scripting. bash is a POSIX shell while zsh is not, although it is fairly compatible with the original Bourne Shell.

I’m sorry. I should have mentioned that I’ve installed manjaro-kde-settings and I’m comfortable in zsh.

But despite using zsh and having manjaro-kde-settings installed, and despite deleting .zshrc, closing Konsole, reopening it, and going through the process of creating a new .zshrc, rather than the prompt looking like this (with the little house symbol for home, next to the Manjaro symbol):

Mine looks like 1970s Unix:

Do you have manjaro-zsh-config and zsh-theme-powerlevel10k installed? Those packages are needed and used by the modern zsh configuration. :wink:

That did it. Thank you!!

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