How to limit the frame rate to 30fps on my USB camera?

my microscope camera is using mjpeg format for streaming video with very high resolution 1920x1280 at rate 60fps. I would like to limit the flow to 30fps, because sometimes it “kicks out the usb support” and I have to restart computer in order to be able to continue using camera. Is there a way to configure mjpeg for this?

Maybe should I change a format of stream, or can I change an output format of stream?

I use a microscope camera brand:Amscope 4K HDMI2106P with the company application AmscopeLite for Linux. Iwould like to limit it on Linux system level. I tired Cameractrl. Can i use Cameractrls utility for this purpose to keep it automatic permanent in system when started?

I tried:

/usr/bin/cameractrls -d /dev/video2 -c resolution=1920x1080,fps=30,systemd_save=save
WARNING:root:V4L2FmtCtrls: Can’t find 30 in [‘60’]
Failed to connect to bus: No medium found

It is a bit uncomfortable to be restarting computer every 15 minutes when I do some time demanding tasks.
I tried to see change the settings in guvcviewdriver, but there is not a choice for less flow rates.

Can v4l2-ctl maybe used in some way, that always when I plug a camera in it would run on a slower frame rate?

Cameractrls is a Neat Webcam Settings App for Linux - OMG! Ubuntu! .

I’m not familiar with this app and the options available at the FPS dropdown menu but that seems pretty close.
Alternatively, use VLC player; Media >> Open Capture Device >> pick your camera and under Advanced Options set any desired frame rate.

For anyone to be able to assist you, you would at lest need to provide hardware info of the USB-Camera and drivers plus application used to access it.

Without proper info, no one will be able to assist in a helpful way…
Plus use new lines when sentences end, to make your wall of text more digestable(readable) for others.

Thank you. I might consider use VLC for doing video capture in future, though as my camera is for purpose of microspoce, I need to be able to use some measuring functions that VLC cannot provide for me. It would be wonderful though if the VLC would be able to overrun the basic settings of camera for all system, as even in this window as you posted it did not allowed meto choose a lower rate.

Do you maybe know some other program that allows to do a measuring of angles or distances from USB camera? I heared of Mosaic so I am trying if it will work better, but I think there has to be some program, I just did not find it yet.

It’s a very sophisticated piece of equipment. For your stated purpose I’d think that the software that’s been provided by the manufacturer will probably be the only app that can fully utilise the capabilities of the device. Try their software support, they may be able to help you.

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