How to limit FPS in Lutris, Epic games, for a specific game?

I have Battlefront 2 on my Epic games and it runs fine(mostly) through Lutris, but with my hardware I want to limit FPS to 50, case it’s most stable I can get most places anyway.
I tried in game console - didn’t work.
I know about libstrangle, but I don’t know how to apply that. I should specify path to the game when limiting fps, but I can’t really. Console thinks that path doesn’t exist and Lutris does nothing if I add it into arguments.

Install it:

pamac build libstrangle

And then you can use it in lutris:

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This won’t work only for Battlefront 2 specifically, this way it’ll work on everything that I’ll launch from EGS.
I’m asking if there is a way for the one game specifically.
And limiting fps this way prevents EGS from launching.

Have you looked for a (hidden) setting in this game specifically then?

Each game has it’s own separate System Options. Just right-click on Battlefront 2 and select Configure.

There is an option in the game through ingame console - doesn’t work

Yeah, but not when its EGS. Lutris running EGS and inside EGS I select the game, maybe I’m missing something, but Runner options will apply on everything that I’ll launch through EGS this way.

Ah, I didn’t realize you were running it that way.

I suggest trying Heroic Games Launcher, it has a per-game option to Limit FPS (DX9, 10 and 11).

It appears that you have issues with your (underlying literally everything) filesystem:

Random trash files appearing in /home directory, why and how to delete effectively?

fix those fist before trying to figure this one out? :slightly_smiling_face:

I have this for months, works fine. Just don’t like trash files.

… but inexplicable files in /home
(you call them “trash files” here)
as opposed to in:

are not exactly “trash files”
(they don’t belong to a specific user - and can only be created by root
NOT by any user … not in that location)

They are indicative of something else.

See my ps in the other thread.

which asked:
how and why did you notice them?

FYI, I just packaged libstrangle & lib32-libstrangle properly and added them as optional dependencies of lutris. They’re now available in the unstable branch.

It has battlefront 2 as unsuported, cause it’s doesnt know how to run EA launcher…
I was using heroic at the start, but switched to Lutris cause of that.