How to know what GPU is on use and how to change?

Hi, i have just installed Manjaro xfce (last update) on my laptop, what have an intel i7 1185g7 (iris xe) and a Nvidia 1650 Max q, i m a noob at linux and whant to know wich GPU is on use when i start an aplication or a Game (using Steam), i have not any problem, its just to know it, because for some testing i want to force for a moment the intel iris to text how it is vs the different gpus i have.

you can check

inxi -Fza 

see also how works drivers videos with hybrid cards( see drm & prime )

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Thank you, it gives me a lot of information, exactly what i wanted to know to start.

Check out optimus-manager, it will help you a lot if you haven’t already installed it.
This is a good guide on how to install it.

Thanks, i found it as “mate-optimus”, i ll try it later it seems nice, and the guide is good it, at the start, it seems Manjaro is using well the gpus, using the intel xe normally and only use the nvidia for gaming, but if someone have any problem i hope this little post help.

That’s a different package, you can get optimus-manager by running the following command in your terminal:

sudo pacman -S optimus-manager

You have to install both, optimus-manager and optimus-manager-qt from the AUR.

How to get it from the AUR

Method 1 (GUI):

1. Enable the AUR in pamac

1. Open pamac and navigate to the preferences menu.
2. Under the “Third Party” tab, Enable AUR support.

  1. Search for optimus-manager and optimus-manager-qt and install them

Method 2 (terminal), run these commands in your terminal:

1- Install ‘yay’, an AUR helper:

sudo pacman -S yay

2- Install optimus-manager-qt from the AUR:

yay -S optimus-manager optimus-manager-qt

For a better guide, I found this in the archived forum.

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Its exactly what i wanted; now i can do my benchmarks using the integrated GPU (i want to do a Vs with the dedicated).
it seems easy to use, thank you!

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No. Manjaro doesn’t provide optimus-manager since a couple month or more I think.

By installing optimus-manager-qt it will also instal optimus-manager from AUR.

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Your most welcome!

Yes you’re right, I just realised that.
Thank you for the update

Yeah, i had to activate AUR packages from pacmac, but it worked at the first try, no problem about that.

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