How to install scanner driver for brother printer brscan5?

If you haven’t got it working yet, i just ran into the same thing and managed to fumble my way past the issues. If you already updated the MD5 hashes for the rpms files (or at least the one for your own architecture) in PKGBUILD and are building it yourself, then you can solve the missing lib issue by just changing the version in the file name of that lib: 3.0.0 just needs to be changed to 3.2.0

Here are the 4 edits it took to get it working for me:

diff --git a/PKGBUILD b/PKGBUILD
index 388258d..55faa25 100644
@@ -2,7 +2,7 @@
 # Based on the brscan4 PKGBUILD by Harey
 pkgdesc='SANE drivers from Brother for brscan5 compatible models'
 arch=('i686' 'x86_64')
@@ -21,9 +21,9 @@ md5sums=(
 build() {
@@ -48,7 +48,7 @@ package() {
   ln -sf
   cd "$pkgdir/usr/lib" || exit 1
-  mv "$pkgdir/opt/brother/scanner/brscan5/" "$pkgdir/usr/lib"
+  mv "$pkgdir/opt/brother/scanner/brscan5/" "$pkgdir/usr/lib"
   ln -sf "" ""
   ln -sf "" ""

I’ve also emailed this to the maintainer, so maybe by the time you read this it’ll already be updated in AUR.

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Could you just give the complete command for updating to brscan5 version 1.2.7_0 via console.
It is neither in pamac package manager nor in AUR (en) - brscan5. Thanks!

There’s more than one command and they’re all laid out in the Manjaro wiki article I linked above. @Benzolio was even kind enough to provide a diff to apply. You have everything you need. If you have any questions along the way, let us know. :wink:


1.2.8_2 is already out now (as of about an hour ago) in AUR. The brscan5 maintainer, razerei, has been busy, so you shouldn’t need to manually create your own build, just update in pamac
[Edit: Although I should mention that I haven’t tried 1.2.8_2 myself, as I had already manually updated via a multi-step process that included a few edits to the PKGBUILD file and that doesn’t seem to be the approach you are looking to tackle.]

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Thanks a lot. I just have installed this version. But still after the first piece of paper the simple-scanner stops scanning. An error message is shown in German “Scannen fehlgeschlagen”.

So there must be still another bug in brscan5.

I had similar “Scan failed” issues when I had added my MFC-J450DW via IP address, but adding it by its NODENAME ( which looks something like BR##whatever#### ) worked for me. I got the node name from my router’s DHCP client list, but there you can get it directly from the Brother’s status screen or printout, too. example uses brscan4, so replace the 4 with a 5

I manually edited the brsanenetdevice.cfg file (in my case there was no number in the cfg file name) to remove the IP-based config and ran brscanconfig5 again using nodename="BR##whatever####" as the third parameter (instead of ip="" )

That was enough to get XSane to scan single pages from the flatbed, but then Simple Scan didn’t see it anymore, and I thought it had something to do with using Wifi for my MFC and the name not being found, as hinted in the arch wiki article linked above, but adding the IP to sane.d/net.conf had no effect. In my case, the DNS on my local network was not reporting the Brother’s nodename, so I added it to /etc/hosts for example: BR##whatever####

(of course, BR##whatever#### is a placeholder, you will need to use your Brother’s actual nodename)

I’m pretty sure with a USB direct connection this would be smoother, but with a bit of massaging, it will work over Wifi.
I just scanned a few pages successfully from the document feeder of my MFC-J450DW into Simple Scan with this configuration.

It seemed logical to share the fix with others once I mange to make it run. Or at least to submit a merge request.

Aurweb doesn’t support merge requests, unfortunately.


After being very busy last weeks I am back to this problem.

If I install brscan5 there is no file as




If install brscan 4 just for trying there is a file


But opening the file leads into emptiness. There is no text inside at all. Thus I have no pattern which I could copy and edit. Do you have a full sample of the content of an brsanenetdevice.cfg, please?

  1. About the difference between and source of name, model, nodename of a printer

What is the difference between
nodename and
name and
of a printer. My interpretation:
a) Model: model=Brother_MFC-L57500DW_series
This is the exact name of the model. But where exactly do I get it from, if I look into printers in KDE system or within localhost:631 in the browser (url)? Should I even take the model name is with spaces.
Would it look like this then: " *model=Brother%20MFC-L5750DW%20series"?
b) name=Brother-my-printer (for example)
This seems to be any name I can give to. But where do I find the correct given name?
c) nodename=“Hostname” oder nodename=“IP-Address”
I think both I can find in the router wihin network. And I can set my own nodename in the router, isn’t it? If I use the IP-address instead for nodename I just have to be sure that it always stays the same!

I am still not 100% sure where to extract this information from in the best way.
Could anyone verify this, please?

I skipped a lot of comments. I also use Brother-MFC like your, but different module.

Honestly, I don’t use scanner driver in Linux, because the printer has its own driver for scanning images.
I love using scanner via FTP or SFTP by pressing the button in the printer that sends the better quality image to my Linux home directory ~/Downloads.
Then I put paper in the printer then scan it immediately, that is faster than I go to my PC and click scan.

Yes, I also scan so far to my ftp Server. And than download my files with filezilla to my PC.
But how does it work to scan directly to a folder on my PC, e.g ~/Downloads - giving access on my PC and addressing it via network?

The printer does not need FileZilla.

If your printer uses WLAN or LAN to connect with your router:

  1. Find the link http://[IP-address of printer] and open it in your browser.
  2. Login with only default password of printer (You can change password later)
  3. Click “Scan” → “Scan to FTP/Network” → select “FTP” or “SFTP” for profile 1.
  4. Click “Scan to FTP/Network profile” → configure profile 1 that connects to your Linux home directory.
  5. You have to enable FTP service sudo systemctl enable --now ftpd.service in Linux.
  6. Test scanner.
  7. Done.

Configure and use the Scan to FTP feature


Is that sufficient? Wouldn’t need I to give also authorization to access to a certain folder on my computer, e.g. ~/download? Otherwise how can a file be stored on my computer?
In comparison so far now I provide server ftp access with authorization to scan to a ftp server. Therefore I am using filezilla to download it to my computer.

No, you have to give your authorization in the profile of the printer.
It is at 4. point: :point_down:

The example image from this link:

brscan5 is the wrong driver for brother-mfc-L5750-DW.
The correct driver should be brscan4 0.4.11-1 im AUR . It is the same as the driver from the official info: Scanner Drivers | Downloads | MFC-L5750DW | Others | Brother

  1. pamac build brscan4

  2. Config:
    sudo brsaneconfig4 -a name=Brother_DCP-L5750CDW model=DCP-L5750CDW nodename=XXXXX
    sudo brsaneconfig4 -a name=Brother_DCP-L5750CDW model=DCP-L5750CDW ip=XXXXX

  3. pamac install simple-scan

  4. Done

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I am just wondering about your statement. If you look here
Brscan5 and open “show more” than you will find “MFC-L5750DW” listed. But if look into Brscan4 under listed printers “required by” you cannot find “MFC-L5750DW” at all.


If you may answer me still my question how and where exactly to find out 100 % correct model, name and nodename description! Thanks

see also my opinion regarding Name, model, nodename

I will try it out your way and let you know.
Also I will try the solution “Scan to PC” where still I do not understand that any device, e.g. Scanner, can get access to my computer without giving specific access within my computer itself to e.g.a folder “download” to my computer? If this is possible in the way you described it should be a security threat issue, isn’t it?

brscan5 is not like what the description in the official website of Brother said.
The description says the correct driver is brscan4.
Of course, brscan4 supports your printer well, it is not old → 21/12/2021

  • Install brscan4
  • Check if it supports your printer.
cat /opt/brother/scanner/brscan4/models4/ext_* | grep '#*0x0' | sed 's/^[^"]*"\([^"]*\)".*/\1/' | sort | grep L5750

See: SANE/Scanner-specific problems - ArchWiki
Name is only name that you can define yourself.
Model is your printer model.
Find nodename:

  1. Open IP-Address (http://XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX) of your printer in the browser. (You find the IP address in the printer’s setting)

  2. Login as only one password of printer.

  3. Click Network tab → Network status → Find nodename that is 100% correct.

I have a question: Does the scanner/printer belong to only you or your family at your home? Is it in your own lokal network e.g. IP-range 192.168.XXX.XXX?

  • If yes, you can trust your printer accessing your computer with new FTP/SFTP-profile (inclusive your authorization)you defined in the printer.

  • If no, then do not use Scan to PC via FTP/SFTP.

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SUMMARIZATION of how to install Scanner for brother printer
For example. To make the Scanner Brother MFC-L5750DW run via “Scanning to PC directly from Scanner” or “Scanning directly from PC with a Scanning software”, e.g. simple-scan, these steps should be considered:

This solution is not based on me but on @Zesko.
But there are so many questions and answer in the preceding conversations it should be very helpful for a searcher to have summarization.

1. Check what is the correct scanner driver:
Go to Website for Scanner driver of your model
and look for your Scanner model. Download latest linux (usually 64bit) driver, even it is a debian driver. But there you can see the right driver version you need.
Even the printer MFC-L5750 is not listed as supported in
brscan4 but in Brscan5, brscan4 is the correct driver as stated on brother website itself.
Then e.g. go into pamac software package installer and select AUR. Only in this category you can select the latest brscan4 driver. Just install it.

  1. Now you have to become clear, find out what is name, model and nodename of your printer / scanner (German: Knotenname) of your printer.

Name: Name is only a name that you can define yourself. Not really import
Model: Model go into your webbrowser and enter the ip-address of your printer. Within the admi interface go into GENERAL–>MAINTENANCE
But not later struggling in the console with the model you may simply use “MFC-L5750DW” instead of the full model naming “Brother MFC-L5750DW series”. It should still work fine.
Nodename (German: Knotenname)

  1. Scanning with Simple Scan Program/software from printer/scanner to your computer. In this case you start the scanning process from simple scan
    Using these console commands
  1. Scanning from Scanner to PC directly within your home network only of course. Otherwise you may cause security threats.

For explanation of the fields of the interface you can see here

  • Using Ftp service is enough within the home network, SFTP is more complicated.

Refering to an answer of Zesko

  • Profilname is just any name
  • Host Address: your hostname of PC.
  • Username is the same as your username from your PC. Usually lower case letters are used.
  • Password is the same as your password from your PC.
  • Store Directory for example: /home/YOURNAME/Downloads
  • Rest all are default and fine. The port must be 21 for FTP.
  1. Scanning via FTP-Server or SFTP Server. That means you scan to a server and than you can download the file e.g. with filezilla.
    a) Click “Scan” → “Scan to FTP/Network” → select “FTP” or “SFTP” for profile 1 for example.
    b) Click “Scan to FTP/Network profile” → configure profile 1
    Here you have to enter the settings of your ftp server. Setting up ftp scanner connection

  2. Here some Q&A’s which have been kindly answered by @Zesko

  • If I want to remove a wrongly added scanner by
    sudo brsaneconfig4 -a name=Brother_DCP-L5750CDW model=DCP-L5750CDW nodename=XXXXX
sudo brsaneconfig4 -r Brother_DCP-L5750CDW
  • How can I get a list of all added scanners?
    cat /opt/brother/scanner/brscan4/brsanenetdevice4.cfg
    It shows all added scanners in the list.

  • If I want to disable FTP service it should be
    sudo systemctl disable ftpd.service

  • If you want check more about your scanner, you can consider these commands by itself:

scanimage -L

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