How to install linux packages into a separate drive?

So, my main drive which i have Manjaro installed has like 50 gb’s of space… and i wanna keep that for the os, but whenever i install a package it defaults to the drive Manjaro is installed… and i would like to install the packages in a separate drive i made for those installation files… but how can i do that??? pls help

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Please see

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In short, it’s not really possible. At least not easily. I wouldn’t attempt it. But going through those tutorials might give you a better idea of what you can do safely.

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Package are part of the OS. Also 50GB is plenty enough.
What you may need to do is rather some cleaning: Pamac - Manjaro

If that does clear enough space, you can use an utility to analyze where space is taken: List of applications - ArchWiki

It is very simple - You cannot.

Only a few applications are self-contained but usually applications are not taking much space. It is user data which is taking space.

If your is caused by an excessive use of snaps - eg. from curiosity - testing - learning - you first need to learn how to maintain your system.

Thanks for the reply… i understand now lol

thanks for the reply tho…

thanks for the reply… i get it now

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