How to install apps on manjaro?

i am using manjaro cinnamon and i want to know how can i install discord with its tar.gz file, i extract the file and then it creates a discord folder , wut do i do next? i tried looking it up but nothing helped,

It is in the official repositories. Use Pamc gui or in terminal

pamac install discord

Other useful information can be found at:

And most importantly if you require additional support, it is good to provide some information about your system. Please read:


When trying to install an application from a downloaded archive, look for a README file for instructions, or on the editor website. You can also usually run it without installing it, from the launcher within.

Though, it is recommended to install packages from the repositories, as much as possible. You can use pamac (Add/Remove software) for that, as @jrichard326 suggested.

PS: Regarding discord, since it has the bad habit to lock you out whenever it wants to update :face_vomiting: – the up-to-date package comes usually late – i suggest you use its Snap/Flatpak version, or lightcord (AUR) instead.


that PS really helped , thanks a lot

very helpful info, thanks for everything

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