How to install anbox on manjaro?

Instead of this, do this:

It seems that the kernel itself loads ashmem but not binder, so mounting binderfs works for me.
Also don’t forget following these steps.

Follow this if you haven’t yet.

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so I have to perform the mkdir and mount step everytime I boot and now anbox is working
but there is no internet inside anbox
I tried
sudo systemctl start systemd-networkd
but no results

in a post above shows how to add to fstab

Disable systemd and use network manager, how to is posted in the arch wiki link above

what’s fstab? and which post?
I can’t find it

It’s a file located in /etc folder.

/etc/fstab automounts for you everytime you boot your PC. Open it, add this line at the end and save it:

binder                       /dev/binderfs binder   nofail  0      0

That’s because systemd-networkd should start before anbox-container-manager, but you have already started anbox-container-manager. So you should stop anbox container manager:

sudo systemctl stop anbox-container-manager

You should also enable systemd-networkd and anbox-container-manager so that you don’t need to start it everytime, by:

sudo systemctl enable systemd-networkd anbox-container-manager

still internet not working


I directly copied/pasted this code
$ nmcli con add type bridge ifname anbox0 -- anbox-net ipv4.method shared ipv4.addresses
from archwiki
but it’s still not working.
Did I need to change any parameters?

It should work. Try rebooting you PC.

[Make sure you have done these steps properly]:

This is what I typed after rebooting my PC and anbox launched successfully.

riyango@cosmoblaze ~> sudo systemctl enable systemd-networkd anbox-container-manager

[sudo] password for riyango: 

Created symlink /etc/systemd/system/dbus-org.freedesktop.network1.service → /usr/lib/systemd/system/systemd-networkd.service.
Created symlink /etc/systemd/system/ → /usr/lib/systemd/system/systemd-networkd.service.
Created symlink /etc/systemd/system/ → /usr/lib/systemd/system/systemd-networkd.socket.
Created symlink /etc/systemd/system/ → /usr/lib/systemd/system/systemd-networkd-wait-online.service.

riyango@cosmoblaze ~> sudo systemctl start systemd-networkd anbox-container-manager

riyango@cosmoblaze ~> anbox launch --package=org.anbox.appmgr --component=org.anbox.appmgr.AppViewActivity`

But there is still no internet

I don’t know why. The problem must be with Anbox itself, not Manjaro.

  • Did you try opening any webpage in WebView Browser Tester?
  • Are you using anbox-image or something else?

I have tested through the webview tester and brave browser and it’s the default anbox image

did you install dnsmasq?

also try to use only one networking method at a time.

what’s dnsmasq?
I have tried that networking option and copied/paste the code from archwiki but still not working.
So did I need to change any parameter in that code?I just copied and pasted directly

Read the wiki page

How do I install anbox module dkms, I have kernel 5.9 I know it not there in aur anymore. Should I install kernel 5.4 or below

read the arch wiki and this thread, DKMS is no longer needed

I follow all instruction but I always fail i even got error while making anbox-git and tried with snap I have 5.9 kernel and fish as default shell how I install anbox

This is my first reply on this forum. Just guide me if I did any mistake.

I’m on Linux 5.10.13-2-MANJARO kernel. I have run ls -1 /dev/{ashmem,binderfs} command, and it output as follows.


Then I installed anbox-git AUR package, and it completed successfully.
But when I try to enable anbox-session-manager.service by running sudo systemctl enable anbox-session-manager.service but it gives Failed to enable unit: Unit file anbox-session-manager.service does not exist. output.

When I try to run anbox launch --package=org.anbox.appmgr --component=org.anbox.appmgr.AppViewActivity command, it takes a while and output [org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.ServiceUnknown] The name org.anbox was not provided by any .service files

I have search through internet but I found nothing… Thank you in advance!


Solved by enabling the service by sudo systemctl enable /usr/lib/systemd/user/anbox-session-manager.service command.

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ok so finally with all your help I figured out how to install anbox with linux59 here is the quick guide
so first
let’s issue

$ sudo mkdir /dev/binderfs
$ sudo mount -t binder binder /dev/binderfs

then after mounting binderfs

add the entry in the /etc/fstab file

binder                       /dev/binderfs binder   nofail  0      0

then install any anbox-image from aur
then after install image install anbox-git from aur
then first to enable network I used systemd-networkd
using this command

$ sudo systemctl enable --now systemd-networkd.service

enable anbox container

$ sudo systemctl enable --now anbox-container-manager.service

then enable

$ systemctl --user enable --now anbox-session-manager.service

and reboot your system
and then most probably anbox should be working


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